Rewaj Music Conference

On 28.6.2002 Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury inaugurated REWAJ MUSIC CONFERENCE in Shantipur Public Library Hall. Promising Sarod player Diptesh Bhattacharya enthralled the audience by playing Raag Maroa. Mausumi Chakraborty also fascinated the gathering by singing Kheyal. The main attraction was, however, Pandit Samaresh Chowdhury's Kheyal performance and playing of Tabla (solo) by Pandit Bikram Ghosh. Both the artistes captivated the minds of the audience by dint of their magical performance. The entire function, however, received a new dimension by Gautam Chakraborty and Kingshuk Mukhopadhyay who performed excellently in Tabla and by Sanatan Goswami and Mita Rakshit who also did well on Harmonium and Tanpura respectively. Besides, Srinjoy Mukhopadhyay's excellent presentation of the function also added to the pleasure of the audience.

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